cfs-solaris-patch For CFS on Solaris 7+ High Commander, old WWII stragety PC game
httpgate A simle script that will allow you to use ssh thru a SSL proxy if invoked as ProxyCommand
logrotate.txt a Logrotating perl script, takes a /full/path/filename as a argument
rawrite2.exe Writes an (dd) image to a floppy disk if you are using a useless OS like DOS Stugan, gammalt text baserat PC spel
validate_nis_maps.txt A little shell scripts which checks your NIS/NIS+ maps for things which could be removed (aka old users which still are group members and similar things).
zip.tar Unzip / Zip for Solaris 8 with encryption support
xorg.conf xorg.conf for Solaris 10 on HP d530
xorg.conf_nocomments xorg.conf for Solaris 10 on HP d530 without comments

15:23 2/May/2019
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